KWD60 out-swing
KND60 in-swing
KWD75 out-swing
KND75 in-swing
KAW90 out-swing
KAN90 in-swing
SND80 in-swing
SND90 in-swing
TLM130/190 sliding
TLM160/240 lift-sliding
MQ130/160 curtain wall
KALANDO sunroom


Wood and aluminum doors and windows are the high-end products, the price will be different, because of the owner’s demand(type,wood,color), doors and windows design, installation plan, and transportation ,etc. Detailed price will depend on your actual drawing, and specific configuration requirements.

Quotation process
1、Doors and windows type
2、open way
3、wood species and color
They are the key elements which affect the cost,class,and quality of the doors and windows. They also affect whether matching with the decoration style, and the service life of the doors and windows


Regular orders: 30 working days
Arch windows or special-shaped windows: increase 7 working days
Regular orders means wood selection is oak or chestnut wood(LEAWOD standard wood species),and within 2 types and color.
Manufacturing period calculation method:
Calculation from the next day when following 3 conditions have been met:
1、Written confirmation by both parties for the door and window plan.
2、Written confirmation by both parties for the color and surface treatment.
3、sign the contract, and pay according to the contract. Confirm the payment to our account.
Special instructions:
The above mentioned manufacturing cycle,does not include the transportation and installation time.




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