KWD60 out-swing
KND60 in-swing
KWD75 out-swing
KND75 in-swing
KAW90 out-swing
KAN90 in-swing
SND80 in-swing
SND90 in-swing
TLM130/190 sliding
TLM160/240 lift-sliding
MQ130/160 curtain wall
KALANDO sunroom


Immersion test+ roast test is:
The primary criterion for testing the stability of aluminum wood doors and windows Suggest: Compare LEAWOD products with similar products, according to the following methods, before you buy.

    Immersion test
  • Immersion into the water, above 24 Hours
    (Simulation of rainstorm)

    Exposure to the sun
  • Outdoor exposure at high temperature for more than 72 hours

    Bake or roast
  • 60 degree of more than 24 hours of continuous baking
  • If the following phenomenon, suggest that refused to use
    A、Structural damage, the corner joints was cracking
    B、Material damage, the wood surface was significantly expanded, warping

Conclusion:The durable and stable door and window should passed the test above-mentioned


The structure contrast & corner combining contrast Internal tenon + Swallow tail lock, wood aluminum symbiosis
    LEAWOD wood aluminum symbiosis structure:
  • Patent for invention, scientific and technological innovation and creation. more higher strength,more stable performance,Compare with the normal wood aluminum product, unique expansion joint design and flexible symbiosis strcture,is the most advanced combine technology in worldwide.


For the open way choosing Integrated screen and frame, inward tilt-turn window
  • 1、For the open way of window, suggest priority selection is side hung, rather than sliding
  • 2、For open direction, suggest priority selection is inward open, rather than outward open
  • 3、Integrated screen and frame, inward tilt-turn window is the best choice for modern home decorations
    3 functions of door and window:
  • Air tightness is an important indicator, on the door and window energy saving.
  • Water tightness reflects the draining function and waterproof function of the door and window.
  • Wind load resistance is an important indicator of safety performance


3 points should know before wood selection The contrast between hardwood and corkwood
  • 1、For wood & aluminum window, suggest priority wood selection is the hardwood
  • 2、Oiliness hardwood should be the priority selection in the hardwood
  • 3、LEAWOD recommend teak as your priority selection among oiliness hardwood
3 points should know before wood selection Why is the Merbau
  • 1、The stability of wood is the basics of the wood-alu door and window
  • 2、Corrosion resistance and pest control are the determinants of product life-cycle
  • 3、Quality assurance rely on the advanced processing technic on the wood profile
  • Beautiful texture: original from southeast Asia, the texture shape looks like flying phoenix, extremely lifelike.
    Absolute stability: air-dry density is above 0.8g/cm3, better than normal rosewood. The texture is hard and dense,can be drowned in the water.
    corrosion resistance and pest control:natural and anti corrosion, anti-mildew, moistureproof, termite proof. The first choice of wood for top grade hotel, especially location in maritime climate region.

  • The world recognized famous precious wood species, the growing period is slow, the density and hardness feature is higher, not easy to wear and tear. And rich in iron and oil, not easily deform faded. With special aroma.can drive snake,rat,termite,insect.etc. The surface color of the natural texture, changed into golden yellow, because of photosynthesis. it will be more and more beautiful, as time goes by. it is the only panel that bending and cracks will not occur, even suffer the seawater immersion, sunlight exposure. For centuries, is considered is one of the world’s most durable wood.

  • The texture has the feature of generous stretch, like the ink painting and calligraphy, exquisite and smooth like the baby’s skin. Dark red in color, Demonstrate elegant, steady and calm. And it is rich in fats and oils, stability is unparalleled. Even in the harsh test environment, can keep absolute no deformation.

  • The wood fiber is dense and hard, with the good stability, especially suitable for painting process. The stability performance is apparently superior to other wood species in extremely humid and extremely arid region.


Sub-frame installation Why choosing LEAWOD dedicated aluminum sub-frame

See the installation method and diagram form, please refer LEAWOD installation technical manual.

    The role of sub-frame
  • 1、standardize the hole of door and window
  • 2、provide accurate data for the door and window manufacturing
  • 3、protect the door and window from damage of other decoration
    In Below case, sub-frame must be used
  • 1、Rough hole of the door and window
  • 2、Interior wall need to install the window frame, exterior wall need to dry-fasten stone


Product anti-fake identification method
    1、LEAWOD wood aluminum symbiosis structure:
  • Patent for invention, scientific and technological innovation and creation. more higher strength,more stable performance,Compare with the normal wood aluminum product, unique expansion joint design and flexible symbiosis strcture,is the most advanced combine technology in worldwide.
    2、Integrated paint spraying:
  • After the corner is completed, we will start manual polishing process, then start painting process, to ensure flawless surface appearance, and the doors and windows of the absolute best appearance quality
    3、Integrated dovetail joint structure:
  • LOCK On all side, Physical connection ensure the corner more safer and firmer. ensure the corner never crack, the finished product will be perfect.
    4、Germany hardware fittings with logo:
  • Handle : German Hoppe
    Transmission system: German Roto
Leawod Brand window and door sales process standardization:

1)Leawod Brand window and door must issue a standard format of the optimization design;

2)A technical disclosure book provided and signed by LEAWOD;

3)A standard contract provide and signed by LEAWOD;


Warm notice to the owner

Doors and windows is a vital part of construction, but wood and aluminum doors and windows will be the ultimate choice in modern architecture. It not only undertake keeping out wind and rain, ventilation, natural lighting, and other basic functions, but also equipped with energy-saving, environmental protection, safety, durability. For the owner who requires personalized and higher quality, we will provide higher specification, more luxurious decorative style. It presents the owner’s unique characteristic and special taste and grade.

Special remind:

Manufacturing and installation of high quality doors and windows is a complex system engineering, when you decorate your new house, be sure to pay attention to doors and windows. If you don’t know it in detail, may cause following adverse outcomes:

    1、unsuitable selection of the wood:
  • If you choose low-quality wood species, it’ll affect the decoration effect, and the service life of the doors and windows, meanwhile your taste and grade can’t be revealed.

    2、unsuitable selection of opening way:
  • May lead to doors and windows can’t be normal used, or unsafe.

    3、without previous survey, and optimization design:
  • May cause the design will be not reasonable, and affect the use effect. So doors and windows open way design, must consider the curtain box, the suspended ceiling, and other factors.
    4、Not do technical disclosure with decoration company,may cause following questions:
  • - window type design, installation program does not comply with the site situation, may lead to door and window can’t be used
    - The size of door and window does not accord with site conditions, may lead to the inconvenience of the opening.
    - Open direction does not accord with decorative style, may has a negative effect on the room’s lighting and ventilation
    - Demand unknown, may lead to door and window installation does not cooperate well with the decorating on the site situation, may result great waste of the human, material and financial resources


    1、The basic thickness of the wood profile ≥18MM.
  • LEAWOD guarantee: all of the wood, we choose the precious and rare wood, such as, oak, chestnut wood/teak/ padauk;
    Their excellent stability, ensuring the quality of wood. American UNION BROTHER Automatic laser cutting selection system,The computer automatically discern and cut the wood knurr, and select the wood based on the color difference, it will sort the wood from shallow to deep by color
    2、Finger jointing and jointed board, using Germany waterproof glue
  • LEAWOD guarantee: every process and detail operation, we insist on using the best glue, Germany Henkel High strength waterproof glue, to make sure crack will not occur.
    3、The imported environmental protection water-based paint
  • LEAWOD guarantee ,The Germany Bell environmental protection water-based paint, Does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, etc.(harmful substances in oil paint commonly), does not contain mercury, lead, etc.(heavy metals) complete ecological, environmental protection
    4、The balance of microwave
  • The advanced microwave processing technology, effectively remove hidden inside the wood sugar, starch and other residual organic matter, improve the moisture content of wood, while maintaining the physical characteristics of wood is more stable
    5、A number of patented technology guarantee
  • Internal Dovetail+ Swallow tail lock, unique symbiosis structure, and The balance of microwave drying, satisfy our customers in worldwide, even in bad climate enviorment of some regions.
    LEAWOD Solemn promise:
  • All the profiles or finished productions, which you bought from LEAWOD, have The following conditions within 3years, Peeling paint, wood fracture, damage, the company will unconditionally replacement or pay back your money, and undertake the corresponding loss (such as rain, soaked in the flood and other non normal situation, are not included in the scope )

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